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Feldenkrais classes and individual sessions (lessons) help you to discover many more movement options that will not only help you feel far more comfortable, but you will also help you feel unusually uplifted and more free on many levels, not merely the physical.

Ruthy walking

Ruthy Alon, age 86, Senior Feldenkrais Teacher and founder/creator of the Walk for Life®, Bones for Life® and Movement Solutions® programs that have now helped thousands of people worldwide.

“Walk for Life”
December 5, 2015

Walk for Life:
A Natural Program of Awakening Movement Intelligence

Green River Yoga, Greenfield, MA,
December 5, 2015
11:00 – 5:30 

$125 (only $110 if pre-registered) Pre-registration requested
see Green River Yoga site for more details.

If you want your walking to be more graceful and coordinated, if you would like to feel a more upright posture, or, if you have injuries or neurological challenges that impair your walking . . . this retreat will give you tools to help you to walk with more ease and support everyday.

Learning a natural way of moving allows our organism (body) to learn and correct our habitual policies… our daily habits that may not be serving us.  Preserving our health and our walking helps our bodies to regain, or, remain functional as we age.  We can get away with faulty patterns until we are in our 20’s, 30’s and 40’s and then difficulties often arise.  You can come as an investment in your future, or, to learn to move with more ease currently.  This retreat is for all ages: 15-95!

In this retreat, we will begin to explore unused options for coordinated movement that allows for more efficiency and less over-use.  This allows our organism to experience new options. Our brain always chooses ease when it is given the options and experience of ease.

Please buy (or bring) a pair of walking poles to this retreat.  Buy, or bring, poles with shock absorbers and be sure to bring the rubber tips for walking inside.  (Sam’s in Hadley has a good selection.)  We hope to be both inside and outside weather permitting.  Dress comfortably, and in layers, for lying, sitting and walking.  Mats for movement explorations are provided.  Also, do bring your own water.  Restaurants are nearby for lunch from 1:30-3:00.

Thank you for arriving to all retreats 15-20 minutes early so we can settle in and begin at the starting time.