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“Thank you, after years of orthopedic challenges and pain, hip and knee replacements, I always feel more relaxed and flexible after a lesson with you.  I have tried several other modalities and I always feel the best with the Feldenkrais work… more than with any of the other modalities I have tried.”

— E.A., age 92

“You should try Feldenkrais with Victoria!  My knees stopped hurting after our first session!  I felt great!  Feldenkrais is good stuff!”

— Emmanuel, age 26, survivor of many surgical interventions for serious heart birth defect.

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“Victoria is an inspiration. She has brought hope to us and our 7-year-old daughter who has cerebral palsy. After only 2 sessions we can see huge differences in our child and Victoria is just an awesome presence.
— Lisa Keller

“I am astounded, simply astounded at how much better I feel with these Feldenkrais lessons! I can hardly believe how good I feel!  I thought I would just do a few lessons, but my whole left side (effected by multiple sclerosis) feels so much better and even my left foot is working better!”

— D.Y., 68 years old, medical social worker

“You helped me through some really dark times, Victoria, early on in this diagnosis of Parkinson’s.  It is easy for me to do simple daily tasks now, where, 8 years ago, I had to have assistance.  And, all my facial expression is back!  And, those changes happened in the first months of our working twice weekly.  My wife and I were talking how unusual it is to get better over the years with this diagnosis.  Also, you just seem to know how to help me work with any questions or challenges I have.  Moshe Feldenkrais was brilliant, indeed.”
— A.J., college professor

“After singing professionally for many years, all of a sudden, I couldn’t sing.  With some performances coming up, I went to Victoria for 3 individual Feldenkrais lessons and she gave me one simple thing to do at home.  It was so effective.  My voice returned and I am singing with greater ease.  Amazing.”
— C.B., age 74

“I am a woman police officer. I was badly injured in the line of duty and had to leave that profession. Recovering from the serious head injury led me to the Feldenkrais Method and working with Victoria.  I have regained functions, am feeling significantly better, and also, my posture improved!  Now I am standing taller than I have in my whole life, and I have found that I can “stand up” to people who challenge me or my family in a way that feels integrated and respectful to all parties involved. “
— B.J.

“The first 6 weeks of my experience with Feldenkrais and Victoria Ahrensdorf have been a revelation to me.  I am thrilled to be relieved of chronic pain — pain I had been experiencing for 10 years.  I am happy not to have to take Aleve any longer. I’m finding more ease of motion in my daily life, am able to resume activities, like gardening, that it seemed I would have to abandon.  Thank you, Victoria!”
— Carolyn Gray